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International Trade Links Instrumentation Pvt. Ltd (ITL) established in 1994 is a dynamic marketing and distribution channel marked by Growth, Innovation and Stability. It strives to be at the forefront in bringing the latest and best in scientific, laboratory and process instrumentation as well as civil engineering and construction equipment to its customers. 

Since, its inception more than a decade ago, ITL is totally committed to its core values.



Eutech Instruments Pte. Ltd Singapore, Thermo Scientific is (a part of Thermo Fisher Scientific) is one such company, which helps ITL satisfy customer needs from laboratory, research, field and industrial applications. Eutech is a pioneer in ASIC based instrumentation and is now one of the top analytical and scientific instrument manufacturers in the world. Parameters include pH, ORP, Conductivity, Total Dissolved Solids, Salinity, Resistivity, Dissolved Oxygen (ppm). ITL is an authorized distributor for this range of products in India


Thermo Scientific process products are recognized internationally for reliable process monitoring and control across a broad range of water and wastewater applications. Measurements include pH, ORP, Conductivity, Total Dissolved Solids, Resistivity, Dissolved Oxygen (ppm). Treatment


Thermo Scientific AquaSensors offers innovative online analytical measurement systems for water quality and process monitoring and control applications. Measurements include pH, ORP, Contacting and Toroidal Conductivity, Resistivity, Dissolved Oxygen (ppm & trace ppb), Dissolved Ozone, drinking water & wide-range

Turbidity, Suspended Solids and Free Chlorine. The patented DataStick™ measurement system features pre-calibrated plug-in sensor heads that provide 24-bit data and can be calibrated, configured or diagnosed directly from a PLC or computer system. No intermediate analyzer boxes are necessary. AnalogPlus™ sensors and analyzers are used in more conventional analytical measurement applications.


To cater to the requirements of civil and construction industry, equipment of Controls Testing Equipment Ltd., U.K. are marketed by ITL.This company is exclusively represented by ITL in India.

Products include equipment for Concrete testing, NDT ((Non-Destructive Test), Cement testing, Steel Testing for rebar, Asphalt (Road testing).


Wykeham Farrance, Soil Mechanics division of Controls is one of the longest established brands in the world of Geotechnical Testing Systems. This division is handled by ITL exclusively in India.

Wykeham Farrance is recognized both in Europe and Internationally as the partner of choice for supplying advanced and high level equipment in the important field of quality control. The testing equipment in this range have been carefully designed and manufactured to confirm the most recent specifications and standards


Clientele include pharmaceutical companies, R & D laboratories, petrochemical industry, food & beverages companies, educational institutes, paper industry, consultants, OEM’s related to water treatment plants, manufacturers of water purifiers, chemical industries, construction companies, engineering institutes and more.


We recognize that customer desires more than quality products. They expect the best deal and services. To this end we offer product and services to the expectation levels of customers.

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