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DYNATRIAX, Dyanamic Triaxial System

The Dynatriax 31-WF7005, 7010, 7015, is a computer controlled servo-pneumatic system designed to perform static and cyclic stages of a triaxial test. The base system includes a triaxial load frame 50 or 100 kN capacity, fitted with a double acting pneumatic actuator ±5 kN or ±14 kN which can generate frequencies of up to 70 Hz; data acquisition, process and control system; control Software for saturation, consolidation, stress path, monotonic and cyclic shear stages; personal desktop computer.




A pneumatic system which covers most requirements
• It can be powered by your existing laboratory pressure supply. The pneumatic pressure generates ±5 or ±14 kN axial loading and 1000 kPa cell and back pressures which cover the range of load and pressure requirements for 99% of all triaxial testing.


Three axis control for axial load or displacement, cell pressure and back pressure User defined waveshapes
• Imported waveshapes in ASCII format can be run to replicate any vibration problem, from the most violent earthquakes to the more sedate ocean waves.


Automatic performance of 24 hour 7 day tests
• The automatic stage option in the software allows the majority of the test to be carried out with no input from the technician, making it possible to have tests running 24 hours a day, maximizing the efficiency of the equipment.


Upgrade of existing equipment
• Existing equipment can easily be incorporated into the base system. For more details contact.


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• DYNATRIAX Dynamic Triaxial System



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