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EN 13108-1 the CE Marking Prescriptions for Asphalt Concrete

The ultimate aim of this standard is to specify Asphalt Concrete in terms of fundamental, performance based properties. It is envisaged that, as users gain experience with testing results, there will be a shift towards greater use of the fundamental approach to specification.


- Automatic test control by Data acquisition and processing system
- Real time display of number of cycles, rut depth and temperatures
- Tracks for specified number of passes or to specific rut depth
- Adjustable load cycle frequency
- Temperature controlled cabinet
- Double temperature measurement: inside the specimen and in the cabinet
- Testing software included for procedures EN, A and B, and user defined

The CE Marking prescriptions for Asphalt Concrete for use on roads, airfields and other trafficked areas are specified in the above mentioned standard. This procedure is more and more adopted by the industry to declare the conformity of a mixture with known requirements or to make known what those requirements are.

Within the various tests to be performed an important role is played by the Wheel Tracking Apparatus (product ref. Dyna- Track 77-B3502) to assess the susceptibility of bituminous material to deform under traffic, and by the Roller Compactor (product ref. Dyna-Comp 77-B3602) to make representative specimens of the material laid and compacted in the highway and Asphalt Binder Analyser (product ref. Bitumax 75-B0008) to determine the binder content of the bituminous mix by the ignition method.


Pneumatically powered Compacts to target density Slabs 300x400 mm, 25 to 100 mm thick



- Completely automatic test cycle with simultaneous display of all the test parameters
- Additional afterburner for complete combustion of exhaust fumes conforming to CE
- PID closed loop temperature control
- Internal database, up to 100 tests. Each test can be displayed or printed or downloaded to PC
- Windows XP compatible soft


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