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Pocket Penetrometers
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Dial Penetrometers
They are offered in three different versions as shown in the Table. The dial has a max. Value holding system with 0 setting by push button 16-T0160 16-T0162 16-T0161

Standard Pocket Penetrometer
Range 0-5 kgf/cm2 Designed for making field classification of cohesive soils in terms of consistency, shear strength and approximate unconfi¬ned compressive strength 16-T0171

Heavy Duty Pocket Penetrometer
Used to obtain quickly and easily an approximate measure of the shear strength of cohesive and semi cohesive soils. The special feature of this model is the design of the penetration rod, which allows a relatively deep penetration into the soil (up to 6 cm) 16-T0163
Pocket Hand Vane Testers
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Hand Vane Tester
A simple and portable instrument for use by the geotechnical engineer to determine in-situ shear strength of cohesive soils. The device consists of a torque head with direct reading scale into which is fitted one of two vanes. A max. reading pointer makes reading easy 16-T0174/B

Field Inspection Pocket Vane Tester
This tester, designed to measure the undrained shear strength (CU) of cohesive soils, consists of a cylindrical body with a torsional spring and three interchangeable vanes of different sizes used depending upon the expected strength of the soil 16-T0174

Pocket Shear Vane Device
Can be used either in the field or in the laboratory, at the end of sample tubes, etc. 16-T0175/A

Field Inspection Testing Kit With Case
Ideal for geotechnicians, geologists and agronomists. It consists of the 16-T0163 Pocket penetrometer and of the 16-T0174 Field inspection pocket vane tester. The instrument is contained in a practical carrying case 16-T0174/A
Moisture Content Determination
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Moisture Determination Balance
Automatically and simultaneously dries and weighs solid samples for the deter¬mination of moisture content. Provides a continuous direct readout for both weight and percentage moisture loss through the entire cycle 19-D0602/B

Standard Moisture Tester
The moisture content can be determined using Moisture testers based on the calcium carbide method 19-T0019
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