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Consolidation Systems
Model Meter Highlights

Front Loading Oedometers
Three oedometers 26-WF0302, complete with cell, 30-WF6210 displacement electronic transducer(1) connected to 30-WF6016 GEODATALOG, and 26-WF0312 consolidation bench

Consolidation Cells
Fixed ring and permeability models.. For use with the front loading oedometer. The fixed ring models are open to the atmosphere, which permits the saturation of the sample, whereas in the permeability cell model, the sample and the saturating water are sealed from the atmosphere
Continuous Consolidation Tests
Model Meter Highlights

Continuous Consolidation Apparatus
Designed to perform continuous consolidation tests in conjunction with a traditional compression machine generally used for triaxial tests. 26-WF0360

Hydrocon Hydraulic Consolidation Device
A confined consolidation system with the possibility of measuring pore, back pressure and permeability. 26-WF0345

Slotted Steel Weights
For use with oedometers, shear testing machines and other consolidation applications
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