Whykeham > Rock Testing
Characterization & Classification
Model Meter Highlights

Rock Classification Hammer (Schmidt hammer)
For measuring the rebound index on rock cores and samples.. Rock cores are positioned horizontally and the rebound index is obtained from the average of several measurements performed perpendicularly to the longitudinal axis. 45-D0561
Strength And Deformability Tests
Model Meter Highlights

System For Elastic Modulus And Strength Characteristics
For the determination of ELASTIC MODULUS and strength characteristics of rock specimens in Uniaxial and Triaxial conditions. Automatic Uniaxial and Triaxial compression tests. P.I.D. closed loop control. Control up to 4 different hydraulic frames. 50-C5902/FR Frame with Hoek cell, 50-C9842 ADVANTEST 9, 45-C7022/S SERCOMP 7, and 86-D2999 PC cabinet
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