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Setting Time & Consistency
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Automatic Vicamatic Apparatus
For determining automatically the setting time and consistency of cement. 63-L0027/E, 63-L0027/F
Physical Properties
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Le Chatelier Moulds
The soundness of cements and limes is determined using the expansion test with Le Chatelier moulds according to the relevant standard. 65-L0025/B
Preparation & Curing of Specimens For Strength Tests
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Automatic Mortar Mixer
For the automatic mixing of cement mortar to prepare the specimens for strength tests and for other purposes. 65-L0006/A, 65-L0006/AM

Mortar Mixer
For mixing cement mortars to prepare the specimens for strength tests and for other purposes. 65-L0005

Jolting Apparatus
To compact standard 40x40x160 cement prisms in the moulds, Automatic performance of the programmed jolting cycle. Control panel with digital cycle counter, automatic, secure, ergonomic. 65-L0012/E

CURACEM Cement Curing Cabinet
For curing cement specimens in general Strong polypropylene structure chemical resistant Water nebulizers and air compressor located on top. Stainless steel racks. High specimen capacity. 65-L0013/D
Determination Of Cement Strength
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Sercomp 7, Automatic Control Console
An Advanced Test System suitable either for routine testing and complex tests as the Elastic Modulus determination. Programmable load and stress rate. Programmable test cycles up to 100 different ramps. 50-C7022
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