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Aggregate Mechanical & Physical properties
Model Meter Highlights

Skid Tester
Used for the measurement of surface friction properties. New low friction release mechanism of the pendulum arm for better accuracy. Extremely light pointer for high precision results. 48-B0190

Accelerated Polishing Machine
Used for the determination of the Polished Stone Value. This machine provides a method of preparing polished stone specimens for use with the friction tester 48-B0190 when used in a laboratory environment. 48-D5252

AAV Abrasion Machine
Used for determining the Aggregate Abrasion Value. 48-D0522
Fresh Concrete Testing
Model Meter Highlights

Gyratory Compactor
To measure the workability of NO SLUMP CONCRETE. The method is used for: Mix design simulating selected production processes. Specimen preparation for strength tests (fresh and cured) , Research of mix related phenomena. 54-C0252/C/54-C0251/A

SCC Self Compacting Concrete test Apparatus
For determining the deformability, the segregation resistance, the self compact ability and flow ability of SCC fresh concrete. 54-C0147 ,54-C0147/B,54-C0149/D, 54-C0149/20 ,54-C0147/F,54-C0147/C
Compression Testing Machines
Model Meter Highlights

Pilot 4 Automatic Compression Testers
For concrete cubes, cylinders and blocks. Tested for stability conforming to EN 12390-4. 1 GB Memory card for data storage. USB and RS 232 ports for printer/PC connection. For testing cubes up to 200 mm and cylinders up to dia. 160x320 mm. Second frame option 50-C4642, 50-C4742, 50-C5642

Sercomp 7, Automatic Control Console
An Advanced Test System suitable either for routine testing and complex tests as the Elastic Modulus determination. Programmable load and stress rate, Programmable test cycles up to 100 different ramps, 50-C7022

Advantest 9 Computerized Control Console
Servo-hydraulic system for static and low frequency dynamic tests on building materials P.I.D. closed loop control, Control up to 4 different hydraulic frames. 50-C9842
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