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Front loading Oedometers
Three lever arm ratio, 1848 kg max. Load.




For determining the rate and magnitude of consolidation of soil.


Product Information


Main Features
• Compact and robust design
• 3-lever arm ratio
• Screw-jack support
• 24-bit resolution
• High-speed analogue to digital conversion up to 3.5 kHz
• High-capacity internal data storage capability with 1000 readings per channel. With options for 25000 and 100000 readings per channel (prices available on request)
• High-sped USB (1.1 and 2.0 compliant) communications and legacy RS 232 ports
• Optional network interface (RJ45) to connect directly into your company network
• Optional wireless blue tooth interface with 100 m range for remote installations (available on request)
• Sub second independent time base for each sensor input channel or test set. Readings from 0.1 sec to 1-hour linear time with log and square root time options
• Your data is secure with internal non-volatile memory storage
• Standard comprehensive Windows® computer software package included


General Description


The oedometer consists of a rigid aluminium alloy frame to avoid any distortion under load. The lever arm assembly is supported in precision self-aligning bearings and has three hanger positions: 9:1, 10:1, and 11:1 ratio.

Cells, dial gauges, transducers, weights etc. are not included and have to be ordered separately. For electronic measurement and data acquisition see Data Acquisition and Processing System.

For the permeability attachment and bench see ordering information.
Max. Loading Using 11:1 Beam Ratio: 1848 kg corresponding to 90.61 kN/m2 (92.40 kgf/cm2) on 20 cm2 specimen (Ø 50.47 mm)
• Dimensions: 500x200x750 mm (height less hanger x width x length)


Order Information


26-WF0302 Front Loading Oedometer
26-WF0338/A Permeability attachment with 50 ml graduated burette. Complete with clamps, stand and rubber hose for connection to the permeability cell. Weight 4 kg
26-WF0312 Oedometer bench to accept up to 3 oedometers. Supplied complete with locking nuts

1. Dial Gauges

For measuring linear displacements. (Select models 82-D1255 or 82-D1252 for vertical displacement and 82-D1257 for horizontal displacement measurements.)

2. Linear Potentiometric Transducers

For sensing linear displacements.

3. Consolidation Cells

For use with the front loading oedometer.

4. Slotted Steel Weights




For use with oedometers, shear testing machines and other consolidation applications.
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Front Loading Oedometers

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