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Heavy Duty Pocket Penetrometers

Heavy Duty Pocket Penetrometers

Used to obtain quickly and easily an approximate measure of the shear strength of cohesive and semi cohesive soils. The special feature of this model is the design of the penetration rod, which allows a relatively deep penetration into the soil (up to 6 cm) thus reducing errors and uncertainties typical of shallow measures, which are often affected by remoulding, drying, etc.Three different sizes of penetration tips are available: the small one for hard soils, the medium one for soft and medium soil, and the large one for soft soil.





All Stainless Steel Construction Tip Diameters (Interchangeable):
4.5 mm for very hard soil; 6.35 mm for medium and soft soil; 8.98 for soft soil. Supplied complete with plastic case.
Measuring Range:
0 to 10 kgf/cm2
Dimensions (assembled): 210 mm Length x 20 mm dia. approx.
Weight Approx. : 0.5 kg


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16-T0163 Heavy Duty Pocket Penetrometer
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