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Universal Carbide Meter Standard Moisture Tester

Universal Carbide Meter Standard Moisture Tester

BS 6576

The moisture content can be determined using Moisture testers based on the calcium carbide method. The soil sample is introduced in the bottle with the reagent. The water reacts with calcium carbide and develops a gas pressure, which is indicated on the manometer and easily converted in percentage of moisture.
Weight on Balance: from 3 to 100 g
Manometer: 0 to 12% range
Set of 4 Steel Balls Balance: Spring type



Standard Accessories


- 20 carbide ampoules
- 3 test ampoules with 1 g of water for Checking
- 2 spare seals
- 1 set of tools
- 1 metal carrying case
Dimensions: 520x340x140 mm
Weight Approx.: 8 kg


Order Information

19-T0019 Standard Moisture Tester


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Moisture Determination

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