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Asphalt Binder Analyser


EN 12697-39
ASTM 6307


General Description


The 75-B0008 Asphalt Binder Analyser combines a sophisticated furnace and weighing system to continuously measure the weight loss of a bituminous mixture during combustion, and automatically calculate its binder content at the end of the test

• Asphalt content ignition testing system, for the quick quantitative determination of bitumen in hot-mixed paving mixtures
• Completely automatic test cycle
• Test time reduced to 30-40 minutes approximately
• No use of solvent
• Built-in weighing system
• Test data display in real time: weight loss as grams and %
• RS 232 output for PC connection
• Printout of test results
• Asphalt calibration factor: predetermined CF for current sample
• Final calibrated asphalt binder content
• On board memory for storing test set-ups in library
• Total fume combustion
• No hood required
• No filters installed with drastic reduction of maintenance cost
• Operation and environmental protection

Safety Features
• Automatic door locking during testing, which cannot be disabled by interruption of the power supply, once the test has commenced.
• Door safety switch isolates-power to the elements when the door is opened.

• Max. sample capacity: 4500 g
• Maximum power: 8,5 kW
• Holding power: 3,5 kW
• Internal chamber dimension: 220x350x450 mm
• External dimension (hxwxd): Furnace only 980x600x740 mm


Ordering Information


75-B0008 Asphalt Binder Analyser by the ignition method. 220-380 V, 50 Hz, 3 ph.
75-B0008/SOF Software for test export and machine configuration
75-B0008/5 Metal stand
75-B0008/10 Face shield
75-B0008/11 Metal exhaust pipe. 3 metres
75-B0008/12 Cooling support stand. Floor mounting
75-B0008/13 Cooling support stand. Floor standing
75-B0008/14 Additional sample basket set

*Please consult for correct quotation with accessories


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Asphalt Binder Analyser

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