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Marshall Stability Tester


EN 12697-12
EN 12697-23
EN 12697-34
BS 598:108
ASTM D1559
NF P98-251-2


General Description


EN 12697-12

Determination of the effect of saturation and accelerated water conditioning on the indirect tensile strength of cylindrical specimens of bituminous mixtures, using the splitting tensile device 76-B0078/B, 76-B0078/C. See accessories.

EN 12697-23

For determining the (splitting) indirect tensile strength of cylindrical specimens of bituminous mixtures, using the tensile splitting device 76-B0078/B, 76-B0078/C. See accessories.

EN 12697-34, ASTM D1559, AASHTO T245

For determining the stability, the flow and the Marshall quotient values of specimens of bituminous mixtures, using the stability mould 76-B0033.

The machine features a robust two-column frame with motor and worm gear housed within the base unit producing a platen speed of 50.8 mm/min. The measuring system consists of a strain gauge load cell and displacement transducer applied externally, connected to the Digimax Plus Roads unit (which is part of the tester) with large graphical display and standard software covering either the Marshall or the Indirect tensile test, as specified successively.




• 50 kN capacity
• Large digital graphic display with real time graph
• High resolution: 130000 points
• Large permanent memory
• RS 232 port for connection to PC at 38400 baud
• Language selection: English, French, Spanish, German, and Italian
• Software package available for data processing and print including database


Technical Specifications (Load Frame)


Specification 54-C0252/C
Capacity (kN) 50
Safety Features Emergency stop button
Accuracy ± 1%
Test Speed 50.8 mm/min
Max. Travel Lower Crossbeam 100 mm
Power Rating 750 W
Horizontal Span 270 mm
Max. Vertical Span 8544 (without accessories) mm
Weight Approx. 85 kg
Dimensions (lxdxh) 560x392x1028 mm

Digimax Plus Roads

For data acquisition and processing of load and displacements

  • Data acquisition and processing of:
    • CBR load and penetration
    • Marshall flow/stability
    • Indirect tensile test value
    • General load/displacement tests including graphs
  • Display in real time
  • Two analogic channels: one for strain gauge transducer and one for linear transducer
  • 130000 points resolution of each channel
  • Two RS 232 ports for PC and printer connections
  • Choice of language: English, French, Spanish, German, and Italian
  • Input of operator name
  • Automatic or manual zeroing option. Displacement reading taken only above the pre-load input value and simultaneous display of load and displacement
  • Simultaneous display of load, displacement and graph option
  • CBR real time transmission of load and displacement by the RS 232 port (38400 baud) at 14 readings per second. Same as for general tests.
  • Marshall test: differed data transmission at the end of test
  • Permanent memory to store up to 150 CBR (or general) tests or 20 Marshall tests including date, time, test number, operator, test type, load and displacement, and curves
  • File management including test display, print, test certificate to printer by the dedicated serial port, downloading data to PC by the RS 232 port, delete single or all files
  • Calibration function using different coefficient for the two channels


Ordering Information


76-B0038/CB 50 kN digital Marshall compression tester, complete with Digimax Plus Roads. 230 V, 50 Hz, 1 ph
76-Q0802/C Digimax Plus Roads CBR, Marshall, Indirect tensile, General tests version. 230 V, 50 Hz, 1 ph.

*Please consult for correct quotation with accessories


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Marshall Stability Tester

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