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Roller Compactor


EN 12697-33


General Description


This apparatus can compact asphalt slabs to a target density using loads per unit roll width, which are consistent to those of pavements rollers used in the highway construction.
The Roller compactor slabs can be:

  • Used as wheel tracking specimens.
  • Cored to provide specimens for indirect tensile, static and dynamic creep tests
  • Cut into beams for bending fatigue tests. See our 77-B3081 and 77-B3300 beam fatigue apparatus.

The Roller compactor provides a pneumatically powered means of compacting slabs of asphaltic material in the laboratory under conditions, which simulate in-situ compaction.

Different levels of vertical force can be selected up to approximately 30 kN. As the width of the roller is 300 mm, the compactive effort of the largest static site roller can be reproduced.

Slabs produced measure 300 mm by 400 mm and from 40 mm to 120 mm thick.

The precise depth of a slab can be preset enabling the user to compact a certain mass of material to a selected volume thus providing a target mix density.




• Conforming to EN 12697-33
• Pneumatically powered
• To simulate in-situ compaction
• To produce representative specimens for various testing purposes: wheel tracking, indirect tensile, static and dynamic creep tests, cut into beams for bending fatigue tests
• Compacts to get density slabs 400x300x25 to 100 mm thick
• Complete with safety enclosure
• Comparable to largest site roller
• Working air pressure: 7 bar
• Automatic control of selected testing cycle
• Cycle time variable up to 10 cycle/min. max load 30 kN at 7 bar, with automatic load and displacement control system
• Power: 500 W
• Moulds to be ordered separately


Ordering Information

77-B3602 DYNA-COMP, Pneumatic Roller compactor. 230 V, 50 Hz, 1 ph.

*Please consult for correct quotation with accessories


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Roller Compactor

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