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Electronic Automatic Penetrometer


EN 1426


General Description


A compact instrument using the latest technologies and programmation tools: motorised mobile head, digital keyboard, 51 family microprocessor, LCD alphanumeric display.
During the test, depth penetration is permanently displayed both in units and tenth of units (0.01 mm). An optoelectronic detection of depth penetration with an automated approach and a levelling system for conductive samples are available.

The instrument is made of an anodised aluminium base plate with levelling screws and spirit level, centering guide, magnifying lens and low voltage illuminator mounted on flexible arms.
Supplied complete with 2.5 g standard needle, needle holder, 50 g weight and 10-penetration tins 55x35 mm.

Overall Dimensions: 260x320x540 mm


Ordering Information


81-B0103/A Electronic automatic penetrometer. 230 V, 50-60 Hz, 1 ph.

Spare Parts and Accessories

81-B0103/1 Standard needle 2.5 g ± 0.05 g
81-B0103/2 Needle holder 47.5 g ± 0.05 g
81-B0103/3 50 g weight
81-B0103/4 Penetration tin dia. 55x35 mm, set of 10 pieces
81-B0103/5 Penetration tin dia. 70x45 mm
81-B0103/6 Bitumen automatic level device

*Please consult for correct quotation with accessories


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Electronic Automatic Penetrometer

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