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Ductility Testing Machine


EN 13398
NF T66-006
CNR No. 44
NLT 126


General Description


• The machine can perform three simultaneous tests. The bath is fitted with an immersion heater in order to obtain, in normal conditions, the 25°C test temperature using, as stabilising element, the cold water circulation in the stainless steel inter space.
• Ductility moulds and ductility mould plate are not included and have to be ordered separately. See ordering information.
• The machine can be upgraded to measure the tensile force.
• Testing speed: 50 mm/min
• Max. carriage displacement: 1500 mm
• Power: 500 W heating element and 150 W motor
• Dimensions: 2150x360x340 mm




• Double stainless steel bath with inter space
• Fiberglass insulation and external casing in enameled steel
• Temperature control by digital system
• Immersion electric heater
• Carriage holding up to three standard briquette moulds
• Can be upgraded with Force Ductility Kit to measure ductility force
• Measuring rule.


Ordering Information


81-B0140 Ductility testing machine. 230 V, 50 Hz, 1 ph.
81-B0141 Ductility mould. Made of brass, accurately machined to the specified dimensions. Weight 200 g
81-B0142 Ductility mould plate for 81-B0141 ductility mould

*Please consult for correct quotation with accessories


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Ductility Testing Machine

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