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AAV Abrasion Machine

AAV Abrasion Machine


EN 1097-8



General Description


The test provides a measure of the resistance of aggregate to surface wear by abrasion. The abrasion machine consists of a flat circular cast iron grinding lap 600 mm dia., which rotates in a horizontal plane at a speed of 28/30 r.p.m.

The abrasive sand is fed across the surface of the specimen samples through a special funnel.
The machine is supplied complete with two specimen moulds, two trays, two flat plates, weights and clamps.
Weight Approx.: Net 200 kg (including case)


Ordering Information

48-D0522 AAV Abrasion machine. 230 V, 50 Hz, 1 ph.


Accessories and Spare Parts

86- D1672 Soft hair brush 3 mm dia
48-D0522/2 Graded silica sand (2 pack of 25 kg)


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AAV Abrasion Machine

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