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Pilot 4 Automatic Compression Testers


EN 12390-4 Series 50
ASTM C39 C4642, C4742
AASHTO T22 C5642
EN ISO 7500-1


General Description


• Automatic test execution
• Silent operations
• High stability frame and spherical seat in oil bath
• Conforming to EN 12390-4 Class 1 and ASTM E74 Class A accuracy
• Simplified control by touch screen display
• 1 GB Memory card for data storage. USB and RS 232 ports for printer/PC connection
• For testing cubes up to 200 mm and cylinders up to dia. 160x320 mm
• Second frame option
• Wide range of accessories suitable for compression tests on blocks, cement, splitting tests on cubes or cylinders

Pilot 4 AUTOMATIC compression testers are the result of our continuous application and research to upgrade testing machines with the latest technologies, taking into account client requirements and International Standards.

The measurement of the concrete strength is influenced by many factors, including the preparation of the sample, curing, test execution and the compression machine. The International Standards specify that during the test the load rate must be constant within a small allowable range (typically 10% of the preset value).

An accurate and constant load rate application without large fluctuations not only guarantees testing to Standards but also allows the test to be performed by operators who do not have a lot of experience.

The test cycle with closed loop digital feedback is automatically performed by simply pressing the start button. The load-time graph and the actual load rate are displayed in real time during the test. Correct test execution according the selected Standard, is continuously and automatically controlled.
The machine can be fitted with block testing platen.

Four columns rigid welded steel construction.
Platen Dimensions and Hardness: 300 mm dia., minimum 600 HV 30. They can be supplied, on request, with traceable certificate of surface hardness.
Ram Travel: 50 mm
Distance Pieces: not included
Fragment Guard: included

Upgrading Machine Options
The Pilot 4 automatic compression testers can be upgraded as follows:
• Block Testing Option.
Second Frame Option, to connect another frame (e.g. flexural frame or cement compression frame to the same Pilot 4
• Door Locking Switch, to prevent the test execution with the door open

Safety Features
The Pilot 4 series machines are fitted with:
• Max. pressure valve to avoid machine overloading
• Ram travel switch, which prevents the excessive piston travel
• Front and rear transparent fragment guard
• Optional: front fragment guard with door locking switch to cut off mains when the door is open.

Machine Class (EN 12390-4, ASTM E4)
All our EN digital machines and Automatic Testing Systems are supplied in Class 1 starting from the 10% of the full range as standard but with a special calibration procedure identified by the code 50-C0050/CAL, we can grant the Class 1 starting from 1% of the full range.


Ordering Information


50-C4642 Pilot 4 EN automatic compression testing machine 2000 kN capacity. 230 V, 50 Hz, 1 ph.
50-C4742 Pilot 4 ASTM automatic compression testing machine 2000 kN capacity. 230 V, 50 Hz, 1 ph.
50-C5642 Pilot 4 EN automatic compression testing machine 3000 kN capacity. 230 V, 50 Hz, 1 ph.


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Pilot 4 Automatic Compression Testers

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