Product Details

Half-cell Digital Corrosion Meter


BS 1881-204





• Half-cell: silver/silver chloride refillable probe (stable and low corrosive)
• Measurements automatically converted and displayed as copper/copper sulphate equivalent potentials
• Display: 3½ digit plus sign via 12.5 mm LCD
• Range/Resolution: +1999 mV / +1 mV
• Battery operated: giving typically 1000 hours use with low battery indication
• Automatic On/Off action


General Description


Corrosion of steel is an electrochemical process involving anodic (corroding) and cathodic (passive) areas of the metal.

By measuring concrete - surface electrical potentials relative to a standard reference electrode on a predetermined grid - the presence and location of corrosion and its probable future performance may be assessed.

Dimensions: 400 x 270 x 130 mm
Weight Approx.: 2 kg


Ordering Information


58-E0065 Half-cell Digital Corrosion Meter


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Half-Cell Digital Corrosion Meter

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