Product Details

Resistivity Meter


BS 1881-204





• Probe array: 2-probe array 5 cm spacing
• Display: 4 ¼ digit LCD display
• Response/Resolution: display resolution 0.1 kΩ cm
• Range 0.5 -20 kΩ cm
• Battery operated: approximately 100 hours active operating time
• Probe holes: 8 mm deep, 6.5 mm dia. filled with conductive gel (template, gel and drill bit included)


General Description


The time at which corrosion of steel may commence and the rate at which it may proceed is dependent upon properties of the cement paste and the permeability of the concrete.

These meters measure the electrical resistance of the concrete which is directly related to the possible rate of corrosion embedded in it.
Dimensions: 400 x 270 x 130 mm
Weight Approx.: 4 kg


Ordering Information


• 58-E0062/B Digital Resistivity 2-probe Array Meter


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Resistivity Tester

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