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Tension & Compression Tester




General Description


The machine consists of a very rigid frame with double-acting cylinder assembly, and hydraulic power pump.

A special flow control valve allows the rate of loading to be preset in accordance to the relevant specifications.

Supplied complete with test selector valve for selecting tension or compression mode.

Fitted with the Digimax Plus microprocessor digital display and processing system, which can be connected to the electronic extensometers 70-C0961 series or 70-C0954/C for elongation measurements.

It is also possible the connection to PC using our stress/strain software 70-S0010 obtaining the complete stress/strain graph conforming to EN ISO 6892.

The Digimax Plus can be connected to 24-column serial printer by the RS 232 serial port.

The machine has to be completed, depending on the test to be performed, by the grip holders and wedges for tension test and/or the compression assembly for concrete compression tests

Also the extensometers for tension test have to be ordered separately

• Ideal for field and educational purposes
• Small compact design
• Accepts up to 22 mm dia. rebars, 150 mm cubes and 160x320 mm dia. concrete specimens

Internal Software (firmware) Digimax Plus System

• For Tensile Test:
- Simultaneous display of load, stress and, using an extensometer, specimen elongation
- Graph option of test data showing simultaneously load/elongation curve (using an extensometer)
- Elaboration of results after test completion: ReH, ReL or Rp as alternative, final elongation (if possible), adjustable plot scale.

• For Compression Test:
- Simultaneous display of load and stress
- Up to 100 tests stored permanently including settings and results
- Machine calibration via software


General Specifications


Load Capacity in Tension (kN)


Load Capacity in Compression (kN)


Max. Vertical Clearance with Accessory 70-C0019/41 (mm)


Max. Distance Between Grips, Excluding Piston Travel (mm)


Distance Between Columns (mm)


Max. Ram Travel (mm)


Resolution Digital Display


Accuracy (starting from the first 10% of load range)

± 1%

Overall Dimensions Approx. (mm)


Weight Approx. (kg)



Ordering Information


• 70-C0019/B tension/compression tester, 500/1000 kN capacity, with Digimax Plus microprocessor digital display and processing system. 230 V, 50 Hz, 1 ph.

Auxiliary Apparatus to Perform Tension Test

• 70-U0315 Set of tensile holders and wedge grips including upper and lower holders, 4 wedge grips for flat and round specimens up to dia./thickness 10 mm, 4 wedge grips for round specimens from 10 to 16 mm dia. and 4 wedge grips for round specimens from 18 to 24 mm dia.

Auxiliary Apparatus to Perform Concrete Compression Test

• 70-C0019/41 Compression assembly comprising lower and upper platen with spherical seat, 216 mm dia., for testing cylinders up to 160x320 mm and cubes up to 150 mm

Distance Pieces

To be introduced between piston and lower platen.
• 50-C9082 Distance piece 200 mm dia. by 50 mm thickness
• 50-C9083 Distance piece 200 mm dia. by 68 mm thickness

*Please consult for correct quotation with accessories


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Tension And Compression Tester

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