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Computer Controlled Universal Testing Machine


EN 10002


General Description


Machine Frame, Piston / Cylinder Assembly, Electronic Load Cell
• Steel base with rigid steel frame housing the lower grippers.
• Piston/cylinder assembly mounted on the top of the rigid frame. The piston incorporates the electronic load cell.
• Mobile frame consisting of four high tensile strength columns, upper crosshead directly connected to the piston, intermediate crosshead with compression platen and lower crosshead housing the upper grippers.
• The 70-C0807/C model has a 400 mm vertical daylight adjustable in steps of 50 mm.
• Hydraulically operated opening and vertical adjustment of grippers by two independent auxiliary cylinders controlled by the push button panel. This unique feature makes the machine extremely easy to operate enabling one man to perform the test in a very short time.
• Crosshead displacements controlled by the use of a bi-directional encoder.

Control Console
The lower section houses the hydraulic assembly, which comprises:
• Hydraulic pump
• Proportional valve
• Hydraulic valves
• Heat exchanger to control the oil temperature
• Oil tank.

• Three sets of standard grippers supplied with the machine to perform tensile tests on rounds and flats.
• Two sets of grip liners supplied with the machine to provide maximum bearing and holding surface for specimens of all sizes.

Safety Features
• Pressure switch, which automatically stops the machine when the oil pressure goes over the maximum permitted level.
• Max. travel limit switch to stop the mobile frame at its upper position.
• Software safety feature, which stops the machine when the maximum load is reached.

The upper section houses the hardware consisting of an electronic card for the control of all functions of the machine having the following specification:
• A/D converter resolution 1/20000
• No. 4 outputs for electrovalves
• Analogical output for load and strain control: 12 bit
• Load cell input

The machine can be used either in the manual or in the automatic mode to perform the following tests:
• Tensile test on steel and steel reinforcing bars: Standards EN 10002 and ASTM A370
• Tensile tests in general, flexural (transverse) and bending tests on steel: Standards UNI 559, 564 - ASTM E290
• Compression test on steel: Standard UNI 558
• Flexural test on concrete beams: Standard EN 12390-5
• Compression test on concrete specimens: Standards EN 12390-3.
Once the specimen has been placed in the machine (using accessories if required) and the specimen data introduced, the test is run completely automatically at the press of a button up to the printout of the test certificate and the storage of the test data.

PC and printer
The machine is supplied complete with PC and colour graphic printer.


General Specifications


Max. Test Load (kN)  
- in tension 600
- in compression 200
Measurement load ranges Automatic changeover of scale sensitivity
Minimum reading value 100 N
Tensile Test  
- max. distance between grips (mm) 750
- grip set for rounds 2
- grip set for plates 1
- grip liners (sets) 2
- gripping system Hydraulic with remote control
- max. rounds dia. (mm) 40
- max. plate size (mm) 75x30
Compression Test (1)
accessory required
Transverse Test (1)
accessory required
Bending Test (1)
accessory required
Ordering Information

• 70-C0807/C UTM, Computer controlled universal testing machine, for tension tests up to 600 kN and compression tests up to 200 kN, complete with three set of standard grips, PC, printer and software. 380 V, 50 Hz, 3 ph.

Spare Parts
• 70-C0807/10 Flat gripper for flat specimen up to 70x35 mm and round specimens from 5 to 9 mm dia. Four pieces are required per set
• 70-C0807/12 Vee gripper for round specimens from 9 to 19 mm dia. Four pieces are required per set
• 70-C0807/14 Vee gripper for round specimens from 19 to 40 mm dia. Four pieces are required per set
• 70-C0807/16 Grip liner 9 mm thick. Four pieces are required per set
• 70-C0807/18 Grip liner 14 mm thick. Four pieces are required per set

*Please consult for correct quotation with accessories


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Computer Controlled Universal Testing Machine

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