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Jolting Apparatus


EN 196-1


General Description


Rigid and stable structure, removable arms connecting the table to the pivot for quick checking of the weight of single parts, adjustable hammer fall height, control panel with digital counter programmable via a membrane keyboard.

• Structure: Highly rigid painted steel Joints between main parts (table - arms - base) easily removable to check weights
• Motor: Power 250 W
• Digital control and cycle-counter panel:
- r.p.m. 60
- 4-figure segment display
- Control keyboard with 4 keys and 3 LEDs
- Large and immediately accessible emergency stop switch
- Electrical protection with fuses
-"No contact" cycle-counter
• Dimensions: 310x1000x385 mm
• Weight: 55 kg
Feed hopper, scrapers and glass plate are not included and have to be ordered separately.




• Easy verification of compliance with standards: weight distribution, dimensions etc.
• Rigid structure assuring stability and no distortion
• New control panel with digital cycle counter, automatic, secure, ergonomic
• Automatic performance of the programmed jolting cycle
• Rapid mould lock and release system
• High value: long-lasting and reliable over time
• The digital control panel can be easily removed from the machine and wall mounted


Ordering Information


• 65-L0012/E Jolting apparatus for compaction of specimens. 230 V, 50 Hz, 1 ph.
• 65-L0011 Feed hopper to fit the three gang mould on the jolting apparatus
• 65-L0010/A1 Pair of scrapers: small and large
• 65-L0010/A2 Glass plate 210x185x6 mm


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Jolting Apparatus

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