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Continuous Consolidation Apparatus

Double chamber, for 63.5mm Ø x 25.4 mm high samples

ASTM D4186



To perform continuous consolidation tests.


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General Description
• Designed to perform continuous consolidation tests in conjunction with a traditional compression machine generally used for triaxial tests
• Double chamber cell, so that two different and independent water pressures can be applied
• Pore pressure measured at the base of the specimen with a pressure transducer
• Drainage connected to the top of the specimen for consolidation
• The apparatus requires a pressure system and data acquisition

• Continuous monitoring of test parameters (axial load, pore pressure, axial compression) and detailed plotting of the consolidation curve
• Relatively short time to perform the test (less than half the time of a traditional consolidation test, incremental loading type)
• More accurate and reliable evaluation of consolidation and compressibility parameters
• Particularly suitable for cohesive saturated soils

Specimen Size: 25.4x63.5 mm (h x ø)

Max. Working Pressure: 1700 kPa

Max. Piston Load: 50 Kn

Max. Height: 410 mm approx.

Max. Length: 240 mm approx.

Weight Approx.: 10 kg

Configuration Of A Complete System
Description Q.ty
26-WF0360 Continuos consolidation apparatus


26-WF0360/1 Cutting ring 1
28-WF0490 Nylon tubing 6x4 mm dia 1
28-WF4330 Triaxial panel two-way 1
28-WF4330/2 Digital pressure gauge for 28-WF4330 1
28-WF4320 Bladder air/water interface 2
28-WF4320/1 Spare bladder for 28-WF4320 1
28-WF4005 Triaxial load frame 50 kN 1
30-WF4459 De-airing block 1
28-WF6301 Pressure transducer 0-35 bar 1
30-WF6207 Linear Potentiometric transducer 10 mm travel 1
30-WF0375/T 50 Kn capacity strain gauge loadcell 1
28-WF4220 De-airing tank, 7 litres capacity 1
28-WF0491/2 Water trap 1
28-WF4225 Valve panel for de-airing tank 1
28-WF2001 Portable vacuum pump 1
28-WF2064 Rubber tube 1
28-WF2015 Laboratory air compressor 1
28-WF0490 Nylon Tubing 4 mm bore x 6 O.D. 1
30-WF6016 GEODATALOG, 16 channels data acquisition unit 1
30-WF6016/T6 CRS Geo-Analysis template 1
30-WF6044 Transducers extension cable, 12 m 3


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• 26-WF0360 Continuous Consolidation Apparatus


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Continuous Consolidation

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