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Hydrocon Hydraulic Consolidation Device




A confined consolidation system with the possibility of measuring both pore, back pressure and permeability.


Product Information


Main Features
• Hydraulic loading
• Low friction design
• No weights required
• Compact design occupies less space than conventional oedometers
• Possibility of automatic data acquisition
• Incremental or constant rate of loading tests
• Suitable for compacted clay
• Maximum pressure 3500 kPa
Configuration Of A Complete System
Code Description


26-WF0345 Hydrocon Consolidometer 1
30-WF6401 Dial gauge 10 mm travel x 0.002 mm subdiv. 1
28-WF4400 Double burette volume change apparatus 1
28-WF6300 Pressure transducer 0-10 bar 1
28-WF6310 De-airing block for pressure transducer 1
28-WF4450 Three-channel digital readout system 1
28-WF4330 Triaxial panel two-way for two pressures 1
28-WF4330/2 Digital pressure gauge for 28-WF4330 1
28-WF4320 Bladder air/water interface 2
28-WF4320/1 Spare bladder for 28-WF4320 1
28-WF4191 Nylon tubing 6 mm bore x 8 O.D. 1
28-WF2015 Air compressor 10 bar, 50 litres cap. 1
28-WF2016/2 Air filter/water trap 1
28-WF4220 De-airing tank, 7 litres capacity 1
28-WF4225 Valve panel for de-airing tank 1
28-WF2001 Vacuum pump 1
28-WF2064 Rubber tube 1
28-WF0491/2 Water trap 1


General Description


The WF Hydrocon is supplied complete with three valves, one porous base disc and three top loading porous discs. The cell is manufactured from anodised light alloy and has three support legs for stability.


Order Information


• 26-WF0345 Hydrocon Consolidometer for 100 mm Samples


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Continuous Consolidation

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