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Direct / Residual Shear Machine


CEN-ISO/TS 17892-10
ASTM D3080
BS 1377:7
NF P094 071-1/2


General Description


This machine, controlled by the Automax high resolution control system, is driven by a stepper motor and worm reduction unit, can accommodate all standard specimens up to 10 cm square and 10 cm Ø.

The vertical load is directly applied to the specimen through a load frame carrying weights and can be increased using the beam loading device, which is used to amplify the vertical load on the shear testing machines. It can receive up to 50 kg of weight so that the total load on the specimen can reach 550 kgf or 5500 N.

The machine is supplied with shear box adaptor, 10:1 lever loading device, ASTM balancing frame, but without electronic load cell, displacement transducers for horizontal and vertical displacement, shear box assembly and weights.

All these items have to be ordered separately.




• Microprocessor controlled drive system
• Large 240x128 pixel display
• Test speed, travel and cycles programmable by the keyboard
• Rapid approach and automatic home positioning
• Infinitely variable speed drive from 0.00001 to 11.00000 mm/min
• Reversible stepper motor for residual strenght test
• Three analogic channels one for load cell and two for displacement transducers
• Serial port RS 232 for data transmission to PC in real time
• Standard load ring and dial gauges also usable for manual recording


Technical Specifications


• Speed Range (Adjustable via Firmware):
from 0.00001 to 11.00000 mm/min
• Maximum Shear Force:
5000 N
• Maximum Vertical Load:
500 N/5000 N (using the 10:1 lever loading)
• Horizontal Displacement:
adjustable via firmware up to 19 mm
• Displacement limits controlled by optical safety switch
• Automax, Microprocessor Control System Featuring:
- Closed loop test control
- Data acquisition and storage of test data (load and displacement) in physical units
- Automatic performance of up to 9 shear cycles
- Large graphic display 240x128 pixel
- 10 button membrane keyboard to set test speed, test travel, number of cycles and safety limits
- Simultaneous display of horizontal load, vertical and horizontal displacement
- 3 Analogical Channels:
one for load cell and two for potentiometric linear transducers
- Communication Protocol:
- Via RS 232 serial port
- ASCII for use with Windows Hyper Terminal
• Overall Dimensions:
953x387x1180 mm (lxdxh)
• Weight Approx.:
120 kg


Order Information


27-WF2160 Direct/residual shear machine digital control of speed and data acquisition via the Automax control system. 110-240 V, 50-60 Hz, 1 ph

*Please consult for correct quotation with accessories


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Direct or Residual Shear Machine

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