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Digital Automatic Direct / Residual Shear Machine


CEN-ISO/TS 17892-10
ASTM D3080
BS 1377:7
NF P094 071-1/2


General Description


This microprocessor based advanced model, is driven by a high-resolution stepper motor with epicyclical no backlash reduction gearbox.

It incorporates a pneumatic closed loop control system for the automatic application of normal load by a high performance pressure regulator, therefore eliminating the need for manual application of dead weights.

This system can also perform different types of automatic shear tests since it is possible, to control the different parameters measured during, the test: for example the constant volume shear test, where the height of the sample is kept constant during the shear stage.

The machine is supplied with shear box adaptor, load cell, linear transducer for horizontal and vertical displacement.

The shear box assemblies are not included and have to be selected and ordered separately.

The machine also requires an air supply, 10-bar max. pressure, 50 l/min capacity.




• RAM memory with battery backup with clock/calendar, which operates also when the unit is switched off
• Analogical channel for strain gauge load cell and displacement transducers with 130.000 points resolution for each channel
• Serial output port 38.400-baud rate for connection to PC
• Fully automatic management of the complete test (from consolidation to failure)
• Automatic pneumatic application of vertical loading without friction
• Different and independent data recording mode for consolidation and failure
• Different protocols of data downloading via RS 232 serial port
• Automatic application of preset consolidation steps (up to 50). Each single step of axial force can be applied: instantaneously or by means of a linear ramp in a pre-set time interval
• Easy and immediate set up of the test parameters via the large digital graphic display
• Straight connection between shear box, drive unit and load cell for the axial transmission of the horizontal force along the shearing plane.


Technical Specifications


• Display: monochromatic large digital display (240x128 pixel)
• Motor: 3-phases stepping motor with 1/10.000 resolution
• Speed Range: infinitely variable from 0.00001 to 11.00000 mm/min (within ± 1%)
• Maximum Horizontal Force: 5000 N
• Maximum Vertical Force: 8000 N (more than 600 kPa for a specimen 100x100 mm)
• Maximum Shear Cycles: 10 (forward and reverse)
• Maximum Travel: 19 mm
• Height of the Specimen: 25 mm
• Maximum Air Pressure Supply: 10 bar
• Maximum Working Air Pressure: 8 bar
• Automatic Test Termination:
- After a pre-set horizontal load or displacement
- After a pre-set time of the shear stage (from 1 min to about 7 days)
• Safety Micro Switch:
- Optical for zero and end of travel
- Mechanical for maximum horizontal displacement
• Application of Vertical Loading: pneumatic piston with a high-resolution regulator motor-driven via Automax electronic board in a closed loop with a 10 bar pressure transducer
• Two Calibration Modes of Transducers:
- First step linear
- Second-degree polynomial
• Data Recording:
- Consolidation Stage: vertical pressure and displacement
- Shear Stage: horizontal force and displacement; vertical pressure and displacement
• Recording Mode:
- Linear, exponential, polynomial versus time
- For pre-set intervals of the recorded data
• Maximum Recorded Data: 2000 rows of data
• Blocks of Memory: to store separately different test steps
• Communication Protocol:

- Via RS 232 serial port
- ASCII for use with Windows Hyper Terminal
• Overall Dimensions:
973x421x427 mm (lxdxh)
• Weight Approx.:
100 kg


Order Information


27-WF2180 SHEARMATIC, digital automatic direct/residual shear machine with programmable pneumatic loading 110-240 V, 50-60 Hz, 1 ph.

*Please consult for correct quotation with accessories


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Digital Automatic Direct or Residual Shear Machine

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