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SHEARMATIC 300 Large Digital Shear Box Apparatus


BS 1377:7
ASTM D6243
EN ISO 12957


General Description


This new digitally controlled large shear box is ideal for testing geosynthetics and also soils and other materials that contain large particles of up to 120 mm largest dimension.

Sample sizes up to 300 mm square can be tested, with insert allowing the testing of 150 mm square samples.

The shear box has two loading systems, one for consolidation and one for shear.

The sample is consolidated via a hydraulic drive.

This is powered by the Sercomp 7 Automatic Hydraulic Console with PID closed loop control and programmable consolidation load.

The machine includes 100 kN load cell and linear potentiometric transducer 50, 25 and 10 mm travel complete with mounting brackets.

The machine can be connected with the 30-WF6016 Geodatalog data acquisition unit.




Ideal for Testing:
•Shale - Industrial slag - Brick rubble - Colliery spoils
• Digital control
• RS 232 interface allows PC control
• Steplessly variable speed control between 0 - 9.99999 mm/min
• Sample size up to 300 mm
• 100 kN shear and consolidation force
• Suitable for testing geosynthetics
• High performance proportional valve and electronic control of vertical pressure
• Graphical and numerical representation of setting parameters during consolidation stage including the load/time graph
• Up to 100 step of consolidation
• Calibration via software of consolidation hydraulic pump with linear function
Technical Specifications
• Maximum Sample Size:
300 mm sq. or 12 in. sq.
• Inserts Allow Sizes:
o 150 mm sq.
o 225 mm sq.
o 6 in. sq.
o 9 in. sq.
• Shear and Vertical Force:
100 kN
• Speed Range:
steplessly variable between 0 – 9.99999 mm/min
• Maximum Travel:
60 mm
• Overall Dimensions:
1500x760x1400 mm (lxdxh)
• Weight Approx.:
930 kg


Order Information


27-WF2304 Large digital shear box 100 kN capacity, with shear box assembly for 300 mm square sample. 240 V, 50 Hz, 1 ph.

*Please consult for correct quotation with accessories


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SHEARMATIC 300 Large Digital Shear Box Apparatus

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