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TORSHEAR Ring Shear Apparatus


ASTM D6467
BS 1377:7


General Description


The Ring Shear apparatus tests an annular soil sample 5 mm thick with inner and outer diameters of 70 and 100 mm respectively and confine it radially between concentric rings.

It is compressed vertically between porous bronze loading platens by means of a counter balanced 10:1 ratio lever loading system. A rotation is imparted to the base plate and lower platen by means of a variable speed motor and gearbox driving through a worm drive.

This causes the sample to shear, forming a shear surface close to the upper platen, which is artificially roughened to prevent slip at the platen/soil interface.

The settlement of the upper platen during consolidation or shear can be monitored by means of a sensitive dial gauge or linear transducer bearing on the top of the load hanger.

Torque transmitted through the sample is reacted by a pair of matched load measuring proving rings or load cells bearing on a cross arm.




• Microprocessor controlled drive system.
• Test speed adjustable by the keyboard.
• Rapid approach without any limit of rotation.
• Infinitely variable speed drive from 0.001 to 99.9°/min.
• Serial port RS 232 for PC remote control
• Dial gauges and load rings (to be ordered separately) are ordinarily used for displacement and force measurements. Upgrading version with load cells and displacement transducer for electronic recording with data acquisition system is available (to be ordered separately)
• Waterproof membrane keyboard
• LCD display, 4 lines and 20 characters
Technical Specifications
• Effective sample area: 40 cm2 (internal dia. 70 mm, external 100 mm, thickness 5 mm)
• Maximum shear stress: 500 kPa
• Maximum normal stress: 1000 kPa (lever ratio 10:1)
• Weight approx.: 60 kg
• Speed range: 0,001 to 99.9°/min


Order Information


• 27-WF2202 Ring shear apparatus with cell. 110-240 V, 50-60 Hz, 1 ph.

Accessories for Manual Recording
• 27-WF2202/1 Pair of matched proving rings of 1000 N capacity
• 30-WF6400 Dial gauge 10 mm travel x 0.002 mm, complete with mounting bracket
• 27-WF2202/2 Weight set

Accessories for Electronic Recording
• 27-WF2202/3 Pair of matched load cells each of 1000 N capacity, with dual calibration in N and kgf. Complete with dial gauges
• 30-WF6207 Linear potentiometric transducer 10 mm travel with mouting block
• 30-WF6016 Geodatalog data acquisition unit. 230 V, 50 Hz, 1 ph.
• 27-WF2202/2 Weight set total 50 kg

Machine Stand
• 27-WF2202/4 Stand for ring shear apparatus, complete with fixing bolts

*Please consult for correct quotation with accessories


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TORSHEAR Ring Shear Apparatus

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