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Rock Classification Hammer (Schmidt hammer)


ASTM D5873
ISRM Sugg. Method


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Used to measure the rebound index on rock cores and samples. The apparatus is simple, easy to use, and is similar to the one used for testing concrete. The level of impact energy only is different: 0.74 Nm. Rock cores are positioned horizontally and the rebound index is obtained from the average of several measurements performed perpendicularly to the longitudinal axis. The unit is supplied complete with carrying case.

For testing rock core in the laboratory ask for the ASTM Rock cradle. See ordering information.
Dimensions of case: 78 mm dia. x 335 mm


Order Information


• 45-D0561 Rock classification hammer (Schmidt hammer - Low impact energy model)
• 45-D0562/A ASTM rock cradle. Universal model, can hold all standard rock core sample from EX to NX size (21.46 to 54.74 mm dia.) and even more. The apparatus comprises a vertical hammer guide fitted to a steel plate of minimum mass conforming to ASTM D5873, and a magnetic "V" block that can be easily fitted to the steel plate.
• Dimensions: 220 mm dia. x 420 mm high approx.

*Please consult for correct quotation with accessories


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Rock Classification Hammer (Schmidt Hammer)

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