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Wykeham Farrance, Soil Mechanics division of Controls is one of the longest established brands in the world of Geotechnical Testing Systems. This division is handled by International Trade Links Instrumentation Pvt Ltd exclusively in India. In all sections of civil engineering and particularly in soil and rock mechanics, the engineer during the design stage must ensure that the analysis of soil properties relate directly to the relevant foundation of structure. Using procedures involving extracting, examining and testing representative samples the engineer can compute a model very close to the real situation
Wykeham Farrance products include Consolidation Systems, Residual Shear Strength, Permeability, Automatic Triaxial Testing, Advanced Soils Testing, Cyclic Simple Shear System and Rock Testing. (To know more, please click on links)
Consolidation Systems
Residual Shear Strength
AUTOTRIAX Automatic Triaxial Testing
Cyclic/Stress Path Triaxial System
Cyclic Simple Shear
Rock Testing
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