Technical Notes


Technical Notes
Importance of the pH Value in Engines Coolant
Introduction of pH and pH Measurement
pH Electrode Care and Maintenance
Temperature Compensation for pH Meters
Evaluating pH Electrode Performance
Introduction to Conductivity
Conductivity Technical Information
Frequent Asked Questions on Conductivity
Conductivity Values at 25 °C
Practical Considerations for Conductivity TDS Measurement
Conductivity to TDS Conversion Factors
Temperature Effects on Conductivity Measurement
Information on Conversion of TDS Values From Grain, Grams, Ounces, etc.
Understanding Low Conductivity
Introduction to DO
Dissolved Oxygen Technical Information
Dissolved Oxygen Electrodes
Useful Tips on Cleaning of DO Self-Stirring Probe
Oxygen Measurement-Optically or Electrochemically
Introduction to ORP
Calibrating ORP Measurement Systems
ORP Control in Pools and Spas
Parameters Measured in Colorimetry
Frequently Asked Questions on Infrared Temperature Measurement
Information on Thermocouple
Infrared Thermometry and its Applications
Gardening & Soil pH
Measuring Semi-Solids, High Protein & Low Volume Sample
Water Quality & Aquaculture
Fermentation and Dissolved Oxygen
Advanced Technology for Meteorological %rh and Temperature Measurement
Information on Measurement of pH in Soil
Measurement of pH and Conductivity in the Printing Industry
Measurement of pH in the Biochemistry and Food Industries
Measurement of pH in the Cloth Dyeing Industry
Measuring pH in Wine-Making
Measuring pH of Pure Water
Measuring the pH Value of Meat
Monitoring ORP Leads to Successful Treatment
pH Application Areas
Testing Soil Conductivity
Tips on More Accurate Turbidity Measurement

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